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5. a counter 对抗/抵消/抵制
something has to be done ____ the recent rise in unemployment.
a. to counter b. to count c. to account d. to encounter
6. b moderate 中庸的/稳健的
the party leader is an extreme left-winger, but his deputy is more____in his views.
a. modest b. moderate c. monitor d. modern
12. c contact 联系/接触
friendly ____ between different peoples facilitate the cultural and economic interchange.
a. contests b. contents c. contacts d. concerts
16. b be assigned to do sth 被安排/委派去做某事
he was told that he was ____ to inquire into the cause of the accident.
a. posted b. assigned c. sent d. placed
19. c magnify 放大/扩大
the microscope can _____the object 100 times in diameter.
a. intensify b. strengthen c. magnify d. expand
23. d given 介词,“倘若/假定”
____good weather, our ship will reach shanghai monday evening.
a. provided b. despite c. considered d. given
28. b lift up 举起/提起
i can’t you up-you’re a big boy now!
a. raise b. lift c. elevate d. high
5. c function 工作/运行/运作
the old machine won’t ___________ properly if you don’t oil it regularly.
a. affect b. effect c. function d. practice
7. d break up 散开/解散
the crowd started to _____________ when the night fell.
a. break out b. break in c. break over d. break up
9. b specific 明确的/特定的
he came here for a ________ aim.
a. regular b. specific c. especial d. famous
10. a discipline 训练方法
in learning a foreign language, various forms of practice are good __________.
a. disciplines b. theories c. techniques d. skills
14. a intensify 增强/加剧
sleep deprivation also magnifies alcohol’s effects on the body.
a. intensifies b. weakens c. reduces d. expands
17. b lengthen (时间/空间上)延长/伸长
would you please ________ your visit for a few days, stay a few days longer?
a. expand b. lengthen c. stretch d. extend
5. c technique 技巧/技术
the doctors have developed a new __________ in heart surgery.
a. technology b. technical c. technique d. technician
14. c not necessarily 未必/不一定
big men are not ________ strong men; we must not suppose that men are strong merely because they are big.
a. ordinarily b. commonly c. necessarily d. usually
16. 此题楼主打字有误,did不可能加in的。
did the people ___________ large approve of the government policy?
a. in b. at c. on d. for
18. c be particular about 对...挑剔
i’m not particular ____ my clothes; i don’t mind what i wear.
a. in b. with c. about d. for
22. b 谚语:empty vessels make the most sound. 空桶响叮当(好吹者不实在)
empty ____ makes the most sound.
a. ship b. vessel c. boat d. yacht
23. d conclusive 确凿的/令人信服的
they had _____ evidence that the factory was responsible for the pollution.
a. inclusive b. seclusive c. exclusive d. conclusive
24. b serve in the army 服兵役
the young mr. wang has _____ in the army for twenty years.
a. serviced b. served c. maintained d. stayed
25. d maintain the quality of... 维持...的品质
we need to ____the quality of our goods but not increase the price.
a. remain b. retain c. stay d. maintain
29. d achievement 成就/成绩/功绩
flying across the atlantic for the first time was a great ______________.
a. performance b. progress c. advancement d. achievement


n.(使) 增强, (使)加剧( intensify的名词复数 );
v.(使) 增强, (使)加剧( intensify的第三人称单数 );
强化; 增强;
this intensifies the need to make the best use possible of the means we do have at our disposal.
形近词: intensifier